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Please pray for Cancer with Compassion in this New Year

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In 2020, Cancer with Compassion (CwC) discovered the benefits of VIRTUAL support groups! In a year when some were scrambling to stay afloat, CwC experienced great growth not only in the West Coast but from states like New York, Florida, Montana and Colorado. So much so that we began a new work specifically for those with Breast Cancer. In September we launched the VIRTUAL Cancer Composium Without Borders and touched nearly 1000 viewers with this program. As well, we raised nearly $10,000 dollars for cancer patients and survivors.

In 2021 our plans are to continue the growth experienced in 2020 as we thank God for the grace he has given to us. Here are a few of our 2021 plans:

- Cultivate the newly founded "Breast Cancer with Compassion" outreach. Offer a monthly virtual support group and a smaller ministry group where seasoned leaders, all Breast Cancer survivors, offer counsel and prayer for the newly diagnosed and those in treatment for Breast Cancer.

- Continue to nurture existing support groups based in California and Oregon with an eye to opening new groups. The need for cancer support is great and our current growth is indicative of the ministry we provide to the cancer community.

- Feature the Third Annual Cancer Composium, a program offering information and inspiration for cancer patients and survivors. We will set a fundraising goal that looks for "contributions from the heart" that will benefit cancer patients in need.

- Launch the Jo Glines Memorial Fund, providing contributors a year-round opportunity to help with unpaid treatment bills for cancer patients with financial hardship. Jo Glines passed away at the end of 2020. She was a longtime friend of Cancer with Compassion. In fact, Jo's was the first financial gift given to CwC when she tithed on the sale of her home. Her faithfulness to God and to serving others has been a testimony to generous giving. So we honor her memory with this way to financially help cancer patients.

Your prayers are needed for the work we are doing. Please pray for health for our leaders, for clarity of God's vision for us and for God to continue to grant the kind of grace we experienced in 2020. He has most certainly been very good to us!

Blessings for the New Year,

Rev. Cathie P. Young
Twelve Eleven Ministries, dba Cancer with Compassion